At the AMHA European Championship Show 2009, which was hosted by ICAMH, prizemoney was awarded to the gelding classes for the first time. In order to be able to do this, a Gelding Fund was set up.

It is important to continue promoting the gelding classes, however.

Not every colt is suitable to become a sire by definition. Only a few are eligible for a career as breeding stallion; therefore castration is one of the most performed surgical procedures in the horse.
The geldings cannot be missed for our youth classes. In general, geldings are more easy going and less high strung than stallions. That makes them ideal partners for working and showing.

To make it more attractive to people to have their stallions gelded and compete with the geldings at shows, the ICAMH would like to maintain the Gelding Fund in future, in order for it to grow into a fund that provides serious prize money.

For this, the fund of course needs money. Therefore, the ICAMH is looking for financial support for the Gelding Fund. The Gelding Fund will be fed from the club’s funds too, but the ICAMH cannot afford to do this alone.

So, the club is looking for sponsors, donors and other creative ways to raise funds for the Gelding Fund for the coming show season!

If you like to support the Gelding Fund you can contact the vice chairman.