Today´s Miniature Horse is the result of nearly 40 years of selective breeding. This unique breed is a refined, well-proportioned, scaled-down version of the standard-size horse. The American Miniature Horse has several confirmation types, including for example, Draft, Quarter Horse and Arabian. The breed comes in a rainbow of coat colors and markings, an extra challenge for breeders, and gives Miniature Horse lovers a world of choice.

This small and unique equine stands no taller than 34 inches (86 cm) with AMHA as measured from the last hairs of the mane. The foals are especially lovable at 16 to 21 inches (40 tot 53 cm) at birth.

Today, the American Miniature Horse is one of the world´s fastest growing and most loved equine breeds. Miniature Horses of good quality can command a high price, but can be seen as a good investment since Miniature foals of good quality and bloodlines are always in great demand.

Maintenance of a Miniature Horse is about one-tenth of the cost of a full-sized horse. They basically have the same needs for feeding, stabling and care, but the size makes a considerable difference.

The versatile American Miniature Horse makes an ideal show partner with talents ranging from in-hand showing and driving to jumping and obstacle courses. There are various different competition classes including youth, amateur, special needs and open. The fancy dress is always popular with the younger generation.

Miniature Horses make excellent companions with their gentle affectionate nature and small size. They can be cared for and maintained by both young and old.

Children who may be cautious around a full-sized horse often jump at the chance to embrace a Miniature Horse or foal. Guiding a young child in the proper care of the American Miniature Horse encourages discipline, responsibility and respect. Working with a Miniature Horse builds confidence and self-esteem, and in the show ring they learn about competitiveness and sportsmanship.

Special needs individuals and older people no longer as mobile who find a full-sized horse difficult to manage are discovering the benefits of the Miniature Horse whether in competition, recreation or as an investment. Miniature Horses have long been used in therapeutic settings with positive results. hey are also being trained and used as guide horses for the blind, and with their long life expectancy and broad vision (350°) they are especially suitable for people with a dog allergy or a special love for horses.