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AMHA approved show, open for all AMHA registered horses up to 34″.

Location of the Show: Manege de Molenheide, de Heikampen 5 , 5482 ZR, Schijndel, the Netherlands

Below you can find more information about this show.

-Think about that your AMHA Amateurcard and Membershipcard is valid, without a valid card you can not start on the show and that your horses paperwork is up to date.

-There will be no exceptions on the required equine influenza vaccinations. Horses without the required documented vaccinations are not allowed to show.

-Your show invoice have to be paid up front by bank transfer or Paypal. Before august 6th 2022. It has to be credited on the ICAMH account before you can get your show enveloppe. 

You can enter in additional classes at the showoffice and pay them in cash, keep in mind you will pay late entry fee for these classes.

-If you sign up for a showbooth, you get one anyway, depending on the number of entries we will divide the remain showbooths, based on the entering of your registration. ( if you want an extra showboot please sent an email to the showmanager ) showmanager@icamh.com

 -Respect the hospitality from the Molenheide.  It is strictly forbidden to FEED HAY to the horses, to EAT and SMOKE in the in arena and to eat and drink brought food in the arena and bar .


-Respect the amateur rules! 

The Noviceclass , especially for the beginning participant, in this class you may only start the first two years that you join an ICAMH show, for this class the horse must be registered on you own name ( familie is also allowed ) , so in this class it is not allowed to start for Lease horses or horses who are standing in training.


-All other information can you find in our premium.


If you have any problems with the entry forms please contact our webmaster on webmaster@icamh.com

Entry closing date is Saturday  July 23th , 2022.

Premium European Championship Show 2022

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