The ICAMH was founded in 2006 and aims to promote the American Miniature Horse in Europe.

ICAMH values ​​democracy, conviviality and honesty.

Why become a member of the ICAMH?

ICAMH: International Club for American Miniature Horses was founded in 2006 in the Netherlands and recognized by the AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association), the American Studbook. As a result, we always adhere to the rules and regulations imposed by the AMHA when organizing. The goal is to promote the American Miniature Horse in all its facets. This at competition and recreational level as well as the promotion of breeding goals.

By organizing events such as shows, clinics, etc … enthusiasts from all over Europe can share their miniature horse passion with each other. ICAMH is therefore open to everyone, and gladly welcomes new members.

Our club stands for equality, friendliness and honesty!

The ICAMH attaches great importance to the organization of a few shows per year, with the official AMHA European Championship as the absolute topper that successfully closes the show year for many.


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