It is finaly here, the new website!

For a couple of weeks I have been working to make this website more attractive. Important information needed to be more accesible and should be easy to find. The new menu and the search funtion are designed to accomplish this.

Another important point of improvement is the online registrations.It is currently possible to register online for the AA Creek Spring Fling show, but not all functionalities can be enjoyed yet. Every ICAMH-member will receive an email about her/his ICAMH-account one of these days. With this ICAMH-account general information will be provided without any user input. This makes it easier and (especially with multiple horses) much faster to register.

Also worth mentioning are the new possibilities to keep this website up-to-date, so that the website will also be up-to-date in the future. At this moment we are still working hard to present the information the way we want to, so if you have any suggestions, found bugs or just want to say something about the website, please contact us with this form!